Stanton DeFreitas – A Goal of Sharing Experiences

Stanton DeFreitas’ goal in life is to share and inspire this philosophy with others through his writing. This goal was developed at a young age as he was raised in a very diverse community. His authorship typically focuses its efforts on discussing a specific range of topics regarding subjects that affect everyday life such as world events and how the potential effects of these said events would have on our current way of life as well as subjects in international travel since Stanton DeFreitas has had the privilege of traveling around the world and loves to help expose others to these diverse worlds.

The Multiculturalism of Stanton DeFreitas

Since Stanton DeFreitas was a boy, living in the Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario, he was able to appreciate the benefits of being raised in one of the most diverse cities in Canada and the world and he wanted to share that. From his experience as a Canadian with Caribbean roots, he was able to experience and witness a wide variety of cultures, and that has informed his career as an international business consultant. He Stanton DeFreitas believes that everyone is a citizen of the world, rather than an individual country and he would like everyone to make an effort to broaden their horizons spiritually, academically and culturally.

It is with that approach in mind that Stanton DeFreitas approaches his global business travels, which has made him more than an entrepreneur. He wants to become a writer, capable of communicating to people on a large number of the issues he believes are most important to society, like international current events, international travel, international sports and even personal health and wellness. He wants to show people how we can all work better together, among the different cultures of the world.

In short, because Stanton DeFreitas feels that he benefited greatly from his childhood exposure to many traditions and cultures, he would like everyone to share. He feels that it is this exposure to many different ways of thinking that has made him a great businessman and will make him a great writer. It is not possible to find a human being who isn’t affected by cultural diversity and the inevitable clash that often happens, and Stanton DeFreitas would like to teach people a better way.

Stanton DeFreitas has worked on A number of international companies and projects

Stanton DeFreitas has worked on issues that are significant to international companies and projects for many years now. He is a businessman who is well recognized and successful. Many businesses, organizations, groups, and projects turn to Stanton DeFreitas first when they are seeking advice on how to proceed. That is because DeFreitas delivers a different viewpoint and a wealth of experience to the table for his clients. Stanton DeFreitas offers a distinct understanding of how international business works and loves knowing how to to help businesses make their operations more effective and rewarding.
Stanton DeFreitas spent his youth in a fascinating circumstance, as he was born in Canada, but was more than happy to celebrate his Caribbean heritage any chance that he got. He was brought up in a multicultural community with international flavor known as Scarborough, located in the East End of Toronto. It was quite advantageous to his personal and work life to experience such a diversified community. He was, on a daily basis, exposed to all kinds of cultures, traditions, languages, and dishes. His upbringing inspired him to embrace other cultures and be appreciative of diversity.
Stanton DeFreitas is not just an international businessman and entrepreneur. He’s also a would be writer who would like to be able to connect with his readers on a number of worthwhile topics. Stanton DeFreitas is convinced his philosophy of inclusion and diversity is something lots of readers could benefit from and he wants to see it championed. Stanton DeFreitas has long been interested in international travel, international sport, world events, and fitness and well-being issues. Every person is affected by these issues and we as humans could always stand to learn more about them.